WOW recently participated in an ArchiPavilion Design Competition hosted by OUE as a part of the SG50 celebration. The design competition called for an “iconic pop-up pavilion space/structure to house a curated collection of Contemporary Art from Asia/South East Asia, initiating a new wave of innovative architecture and defining the future of the built environment in Singapore and beyond.” ¬†Although the WOW design was not selected to be built, our submission will be a part of the winning design exhibition at the National Design Centre opening today and up to 27 February. For more details visit Design Singapore’s website here.


Here’s a sneak peak into our proposal for the ArchiPavilion on display at the NDC.

oue archipavilion competiton wow architects

oue archipavilion competiton wow architects 1

oue archipavilion competiton wow architects 3