Swettenham House

Singapore新加坡 Private Residence私人住宅 625.33 M² Architecture建筑设计 2005-2007

‘Boomerang House’ sits on an awkwardly structured site in Singapore. The bow-shaped site encompasses a storm water drain that forms the base of a valley cutting the site into two. We sought to transform the awkward site to a useable level of comfort, and in addition, the client emphasised the desire for a home that would facilitate entertaining and hosting outdoor pool parties. This shaped a transparent home that could be fully opened up to embrace the mild weather, especially enjoyable in the evenings.

The structural concept was a two-storey composite frame enveloping a corner of the site. The frame spans the valley to bridge both sides of the site together, connecting between functions and between the private and more open, public spaces. The outdoor flows through the house at this alley point. The structure forms two decks and two separate pools, one for swimming and the other a large pond for exotic tropical fish. The guestroom requiring privacy from other functions is placed on an independent wing overlooking the fish pool.

The levels are connected through a twisting sculptural staircase which works its way to a garden roof terrace. The grassed-over roof terrace provides function space and is unshielded visual pleasure to the surrounding suburb with overlooking houses. Compared to a conventional concreted roof slab, the garden roof prevents high heat gain.

被称为“回旋镖之家”的Swettenham House坐落于新加坡一片地形复杂的土地上,呈弓形的场地中有一条位于山谷底部的雨水沟,把场地一分为二。我们试图将凹凸不平的场地改变成宜居的空间,同时满足客户在居所招待宾客和举行池畔户外派对的愿望。有鉴于这些背景,我们塑造出一座透明度极高的房子,适合在天气温和的日子将窗户全面打开,以享受清风送爽的晚上。



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Swettenham House Swettenham House