Residences at 338

Singapore新加坡 Condominium公寓大楼 5,849 M², 50 Units5,849 M², 50 单位 Architecture & Interior Design建筑设计, 室内设计 1998-2000

Located in the prime River Valley district, the design of this condominium caters to changing lifestyles whilst bridging different environments.

Changing conditions and needs of the urban dweller are accommodated by the apartments’ ability to transform spatially: internal partitions move to alter the program of the spaces. Full height windows, complemented by external planter boxes, blur boundaries between interior and exterior, allowing the resident to feel closer to nature.

Note: Project designed by Wong Chiu Man for Nikken Sekkei International




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Residences at 338 Residences at 338 Residences at 338