Taj JIVA Spa

Bangalore, India印度 班加罗尔 Spa水疗 572 M² Interior Design室内设计 2007-2008

Taj Hotels, Palaces and Resorts had commissioned the firm to conceptualise a prototype design for all JIVA Spas which would be replicated across all spas built thereafter.

We designed the Spa as a journey through a series of sensual, atmospheric spaces that culminate in a holistic sense of calm and well-being. Soft edges, selective materiality, detailing and lighting, infused with conceptual Indian elements and motifs come together to evoke a strong sense of place.

Upon descent into the Spa, guests are greeted with water trickling down stonewalls into a reflecting pool of black stone and a timber feature wall at the Spa’s entrance. The rhythmic composition of the timber slats and the LED lights that trace out the tactile rhythm of the abstracted Indian motifs adorning the walls of the Spa slow the perception of space and time.

In the Treatment Room, a solitary curved wall panel that wraps round to the ceiling draws attention to the treatment bed’s centrality. A light feature above the bed casts patterned light and shadows that infuse the room with wonder and calm.

The Relaxation Room’s dimly lit, glowing, uniquely curved, white walls and ceiling recall a conceptual stupa, encouraging self-reflection.

In the Beauty Salon, strips of dark and clear mirrors alternate between frosted glass to further the sense of rhythmic depth pervading the Spa. The verticality promotes calm yet exudes an ultra chic effect.

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泰姬酒店及度假集团(Taj Hotels, Palaces and Resorts)委托华纳黄设计•哇建筑设计为所有JIVA水疗中心构想原型设计,以便此后建立的水疗中心沿用一致的概念。






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