Fish Market Restaurant

Bahrain巴林 Fresh Seafood Market Restaurant海鲜市场餐厅 700 M², 115 Seats700 M², 115 座位 Interior Design室内设计 2005

Sited on a coastal stretch, the Fish Market Restaurant is designed like seaside marketplace, promoting a more informed appreciation of the guest’s dining experience, from catch to consumption. The concept of a restaurant is combined with that of an open kitchen and grocer’s market whereby guests participate in the final creation served to them.

Interactivity and sensory engagements were injected into the experience: customers could select their fresh ‘catch of the day’ from a marketplace display, which chefs would barbeque in the manner requested. Visual reference to the meal’s origins is drawn from the immediate and dominant presence of the oceanfront view through the all-glass pivot doors that open to outdoor seating overlooking the ocean.



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Fish Market Restaurant