Astrid Meadows

Singapore新加坡 Apartment公寓 180 M² Interior Design室内设计 2000

Spatial flexibility and fluidity drive the design of this house which can be transformed depending on usage. A walk-in wardrobe becomes a room to act as a privacy buffer between the master bedroom and the living room. Mirror panels of the wardrobe slide into walls to yield a large luxurious master suite. Large bi-folding doors disappear when they slide open, amplifying the living room space.

A sculptural garden with an uninterrupted view to an endless landscape beyond is the visual focus throughout most of the house. A sculptural stone wall is the backdrop for water plants, tree frogs and exquisite handmade teak and leather furniture. Each room has a different view of the garden which though small gives a sense of intimacy and uniqueness to each room.

Various moves unify the outdoor and indoor areas. Faced with limited natural lighting, windows incorporate seating by its side, and contemplation spaces are arranged around natural elements.

Reflecting musical interests of the owner, exquisite speakers feature as sculptural elements while the sound system is displayed on a sculptural shelf as a work of art. Contemporary paintings and sculpture integrate the sensory qualities of the space, where bold colour and form contrast against metallic sheer curtains, smooth chenille, walnut and ebony veneers.





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Astrid Meadows Astrid Meadows Astrid Meadows Astrid Meadows Astrid Meadows