Ara Greens

Petaling Jaya, Malaysia马来西亚 八打灵再也 Multi Generational Condominium多代住宅公寓大楼 138,040 M² (117,115 residential; 20,925 commercial), 700 residential units138,040 M², 700 私宅单位 Architecture, Interior & Landscape Design建筑设计, 室内设计, 园景设计 2010-2015

Designed as a multigenerational residential community, Ara Greens is planned around concepts of bio-mimicry and environmental technology for green living. The project will qualify for the Building and Construction Authority (BCI) Platinum Green Mark, a reflection of the developers’ desire to be a socially and environmentally responsible leader of sustainable developments.

Based on a rhizhomic system of growth, whereby in reproduction, horizontal underground stems strike new roots down into the soil and shoot new stems up to the surface, the architecture will enable three generations to live in harmony both socially and environmentally.

To address the aging society, on top of the architectural programming are social and wellness programmes incorporated into the development in the form of social, physical and occupational therapy and basic healthcare. These are organised by the developer with the help of healthcare experts.

Ara Greens的设计主题为几代同堂的住宅区,其概念围绕着模仿自然生态和运用环保技术而行,以达到绿色生活的目标。这个项目将拥有建设局(BCI)的白金绿色标志(Platinum Green Mark)资格,映衬出发展商致力成为勇于承担可持续发展的社会和环境责任的领袖。



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